tools for schedule development

Schedule Development: Context (October 16, 2012)

The links below will take you to resources that will inform the college community as it makes critical decisions regarding programs and course offerings for the future. The "Check-List" was developed from a brainstorming meeting of the ad hoc Schedule Reduction Task Force. The taskforce included members from faculty, administration and classified staff. The list was then used as a basis for the rubrics that were used for the intial pass at a reduction target.
The instructional deans, working with their department chairs, established an initial schedule for Spring 2013 based on an FTE level of 3900. A second schedule must now be determined based on two factors. Should Proposition 30 pass in November, we will be able to restore to the levels of the fall 2012 schedule and could actually add more sections. If the proposition fails, we will create the scheduled based on the reductions down to 3900 fte. However, we will be able to add up to a minimum of 4450 fte for the Fall 2013 schedule. Therefore, the need to carefully proritize restoration of FTE is a task that should be informed by data and what we know about our community.

Below are some resources that will be available to faculty in the department chair retreat to be held on October 19. At the bottom of the page you will find a link to frequently asked questions.