Discussion Board Directions

Full points

Deduction of up to 25% of points

Deduction of 50% of points

The initial response to the teacher’s question was well thought out and considered the lecture material presented with the question..  The student also replied to other students as required for the question.

Reply to other students was missing—if two replies were required, only one was presented.  OR the replies you gave contained little substance.

No reply was posted to other students when requested.

Discussion Board Etiquette:

Discussion forums are used to discuss topics and issues for a class.  Participating in discussions is analogous to attending class regularly.  So, you should plan to actively participate in on going discussions.

  • Your postings should contribute meaningfully to the topic.  The following “Yeah, I agree,” is not an acceptable posting.  The following “You make some very good points in your post. I agree with your interpretation of the text and what you believe the author is really trying to say. Why didn’t you like the second reading though? I really enjoyed that one and thought the details helped the writing really come alive. Was it the topic that you didn’t like or the actual writing? …” is an acceptable posting.  The quality of your post reflects the quality of your work in on line classes.
  • Avoid sarcasm and inappropriate language in your posts. This type of interaction does not translate well in this domain.
  • Be respectful of your classmates and their opinions when you respond to posts.  Each student may have different views and has the right to voice them.
  • In on line classes, your attendance is participating in the discussions.  Many instructors will consider the number of times that you post as your attendance for a particular week.
  • Know the participation/posting policy for your on line class.  Some instructors will require that you post at least 3 times per week/topic.  Some instructors will require that you post at least 1 time by a certain date.