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<%=term%> Online and Hybrid Course List

Below is a list of the fully online and hybrid online courses offered during <%=term%>.

Please note, classes will not be available until five days before they begin. While you may have access to some materials at the course website, not all materials may be prepared until the class start date. Please do not contact your instructor regarding class materials unless the class has started. Check your class schedule if you are concerned about your enrollment status.

<%=term%> Fully Online Courses | <%=term%> Hybrid Online Courses

Online Learner Orientations

  Menifee 8/11/10 7-9pm 950  
  Menifee 8/14/10 9-11am 950  
  San Jacinto 8/14/10 1-3pm 109  

If you're not sure about becoming an online learner, or you just want to be sure, we recommend that you attend a face-to-face orientation on one of the above dates.

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